General information

All posting locations: New Ulm, Minnesota, United States of America

Job Function: 06 - Manufacturing

Date Published: 02-Apr-2024

Ref #: R-81057

Description & Requirements

Job Title:  Casepacker/Bulk Products Driver                  

Benefits & Compensation Overview:

  • Full benefit package (Medical, Dental, Vision, HAS)
  • Company matched 401K (6%)
  • Additional perks:  Pet Insurance, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), access to shop at the Company Store.
  • Paid vacation, sick and major holidays
  • Fork Truck Driver $24.09/hr.
  • Annual bonus (potential 3.5% annual salary).
  • $1.00/hr shift premium
  • $2000.00 sign on ($500 at 30 days, $500 at 90 days, $1000 at 180 days)

Work Schedule:

Weekly Rotating Shifts for Production Employees, Monday through Friday.  Shift start time depends on the department, but weekly rotations begin on 3rd, 2nd, and then 1st shift. 

Plant & Community Overview:

Plant Overview:

  • The Kraft Heinz Plant in New Ulm has been a workplace of choice in the community since its opening in 1955.  Current products include Velveeta, Velveeta Mini-Block, Kraft Deli-Deluxe, and Foodservice for popular restaurant chains.
  • 400 Hourly Employees.
  • 23 Salaried Employees.
  • Average tenured employee is 12 years of service.
  • Over 125 employees have more than 20 years of service.
  • There is over 5,000 years of experience in the New Ulm Plant!

Community Overview:

Welcome to our New Ulm Community!

Scope of Job:

This job will have a split of duties between running a casepacker and the storing and retrieval of bulk products inside the blast coolers.

The Casepacker Operator is responsible for the operation of casepackers for both 5# Velveeta on the Schnieder casepacker with PMI wrapper and Combi unit for pouch products.  This includes conveyors, converger, spiral units, belts and other duties as designated by the supervisor.  This person must be familiar with the operating procedures and the quality specifications of uncased and cased product.  This individual must ensure proper code dating, correct shippers and that labels correspond for 5# and pouch.  This operator will perform minor mechanical adjustments to equipment operated. 

The Bulk Products Driver is responsible for the safe and documented transport of products from the Bulk production line into the blast coolers and from the blast coolers onto the palletizer infeed.  A valid forklift license is required.  Tracking of materials for cooling times based on code dates and times via visual management and use of the Matrics system (scanning) is required.  FIFO is a priority along with following plant production schedules.

Works from brief verbal instructions and is expected to work without close supervision. The Casepacker/Bulk Products Driver is a member of the Filling Team and actively participates in Green Room Meetings.  Work requires simple mathematical skills of addition and subtraction.  Activities are moderately varied and close communication is expected between Palletizer Operator and Line Techs. Must be able to make out Hold IDT sheets.

Job Responsibilities:


Places cartons properly in feeders. Fills glue pots properly, checks and adjusts for proper usage. Adjusts speed of machine. Watches for and cleans smashups. Salvages damaged packages. Makes sure all pallets are properly ticketed. Does proper and correct stacking if palletizer is down. Responsible for all changeovers of case packing machines Monitor spiral cooling system and correct temperatures. Communication with production rooms and Distribution for changeovers and packaging issues. Program the code daters for proper code date(s). Set up rolls with a hoist on PMI wrapper and change during the shift. Set up and monitor the labeler and refill with proper labels. Feed stacked off product onto line. Call Distribution for the retrieval of held product. Understand and follow the Plant’s Hold/IDT procedures. Clear belts, conveyors and pallets of jams causing by faulty packaging.  Use 35# pry bar to clear full or empty pallets that have jammed on exit conveyors. Be aware of numerous warning lights and buzzers in area to prevent lines from going down and production damage. Empty all products from Spirals, Schneider, Combi and PMI on shutdowns.  Must work extended hours near shutdowns due to lag of cooling spirals vs. production. Relieve the Palletizer Operator for break and communicate with all departments on packaging and changeovers. Program seven palletizers for the proper product counts and patterns. Operate the pallet dispenser, slip sheeter, full pallet cart, empty pallet carts and the stretch wrappers. On occasion, put slip-sheets in dispenser. Start up tasks include:  proper code dates programmed on shippers, correct labels, setting up rolls on PMI and temperature checks on PMI. Assist the Palletizer Operator with any other start up issues. Assist in the production room when lines start up. Code date needs to be initialed and dated on chalkboard for operator to see. Scanning product into and out of Matrics in accordance with inventory recordkeeping requirements. Stacking and unstacking product in blast coolers.


Make proper adjustment to ensure a quality case. Assist and relieve Palletizer Operator for breaks and as needed. Accept upgrading to Palletizer Operator. Assist Palletizer Operator on small mechanical breakdowns. Notify Palletizer Operator on malfunctioning equipment. Change the wire on the stretch wrappers. Must be able to change the forklift battery. Must be able to properly fill out work orders. Perform lift truck inspections every shift prior to use.


Responsible for department sanitation as needed. Is responsible for keeping his/her area clean. If possible, empty trash containers and dump dumpsters. Machine should be kept clean and free from carton dust. Check spiral; ensure cheese has not fallen out. Follow GMP’s. Clean the salvage area when needed and bring into room to be salvaged. Clean Blast cooler area when needed. Other Sanitation duties as required.


Inspect packages for quality, code dates, seals, correct labels and shippers.  Maintain proper QC documentation. Be sure that the machine is cleaned out properly after smashups. Reject supplies if faulty and complete proper paper work. Take lab samples every hour and do quality checks every hour unless notified differently. Calibrate the thermometer once daily.  (Done on midnight shift).  Spiral temperature checks are done once per shift.  Take a box temperature check, twice per shift. Take samples needed for special projects and other samples.  (BACTI<KQ) Every ½ hour pull 12 boxes off the line in a row and check for code date and tight seals. Directly responsible for product locations, number of cases/packages stored in each designated area, to see that each load (pallet) is tagged with the proper ticket and also to account for the correct count of partial loads. If cases are open, damaged, or some other related defect is observed, it is the forklift operator’s responsibility to take appropriate action to correct the defect. Follow FIFO and production schedules pertaining to code dates and product cooling times to preserve Quality Timetables for shipping of cooled product. Take physical pallet inventories as directed. Follow procedures for retaining product traceability through the restack process.


Follow all safety rules. Follow all guidelines associated with safely operating forklifts. Use proper LO/TO procedures. Visually observe that other personnel are clear of machine when starting up and yell “FINGERS”. Need to be constantly aware of heavy forklift traffic. Use proper safety precautions when using a ladder. Use caution around moving full and empty pallet carts and slip sheeter.

Lifting Requirements:

Moderate – Be able to lift up to 45# cases, 80# pallets infrequently, 70# to 80# rolls infrequently, 50# glue boxes infrequently.

Working Conditions:

Fair – General absence of abnormal variations of unfavorable fumes, noise, or dust.  Hazards are moderate and fairly predictable and controllable.  Must be able to think and act quickly and safely in a congested work area.  Infrequent use of ladders and or lift-a-lofts.  Temperature will be very low in the blast coolers (20-45°F) with potentially high air speeds.  Steady forklift traffic in the area and the employee must be aware of his/her surroundings both as a pedestrian and as a driver.  Noise levels in the blast cooler will be evaluated in the future and requirements will be set appropriately.


The Casepacker/Bulk Products Driver is trained for a maximum of 30 days and is expected to be competent after 45 days.

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