General information

All posting locations: Qingdao, Shandong, China

Job Function: 06 - Manufacturing

Date Published: 19-Sep-2023

Ref #: R-74799

Description & Requirements

Job Responsibilities/工作职责

  • 岗位职责
  • 通过提供指导和技术支持协助其他部门达到公司的EHS目标;
  • 为EHS的管理进展提供定期的反馈和建议;
  • 与政府EHS有关要求保持同步;
  • 进行EHS培训和提供EHS技术支持;
  • 评审新项目对EHS方面的影响;
  • 亨氏总部EHS政策和国家法律法规的落实和宣传;
  • 确保执行亨氏中国全球安全健康政策;
  • 确保执行亨氏中国全球环保政策;
  • 跟踪和报告 EHS进展确保所有新入职员工和转岗员工的EHS 定位和培训;
  • 制定各项工作的EHS管理程序并推广执行;
  • 定期向总部提交环境健康安全方面报告;
  • 对新化学品和新项目进行EHS评审并让员工接收到 EHS方面的信息;
  • 维持较好的清洁卫生并完成对环境危险的日常检查;
  • 提高 EHS 意识,定期对员工进行安全健康环保方面的专业培训;
  • 制定并实施应急反应计划;
  • 制定消防检查计划并保证公司消防系统处于良好状态;
  • 员工能获得并且正确使用个人防护用品,工作中安全正确操作;
  • 维持良好的事故报告体系以及执行可记录事故的调查;
  • 开展事故调查和回顾重要事故/ 险肇事故,及时消除安全隐患;
  • 定期向当地政府和总部汇报EHS数据;
  • KHMS相应职责,具体由部门经理给予指引执行
  • 人员管理职责
  • 辅导和管理下属工作;
  • 风险管理职责
  • 理解亨氏质量和EHS政策并承担义务;
  • 设立本部门年度质量和EHS 目标,确保员工完全遵照质量/EHS程序和工作指引工作;
  • 降低职业病风险,纠正工作中的不安全行为,防止火灾和工伤事故的发生;
  • 执行质量和EHS风险管理控制措施和工作指引;
  • 及时报告质量安全环境事故和安全隐患/环境影响/产品缺陷;
  • 负责外部审核和QRMP的准备、协调,制定改进计划并跟进;
  • 遵守EHS安全管理规定和操作要求-包括但不限于执行上锁挂牌、作业许可证管理、BOS管理等要求;
  • 及时报告发现的安全隐患、准事故、工伤事故。

Job Requirement/工作要求

  • 教育背景
  • 本科或以上学历,安全工程、环境工程、化工、生化工程或相关专业;
  • 经验及专业技能
  • 英语听说读写流利,能阅读专业资料;
  • 五年以上的EHS实际工作经验;
  • 能独立处理各种突发事故;
  • 注册安全工程师
  • 个人素质
  • 具备较强的组织、沟通、协调能力和团队合作精神;
  • 具有较强的领导管理和公关能力;
  • 富责任心和强烈的主动性;
  • 自我激励;
  • 独立分析和解决问题的能力;
  • 能承受工作压力;
  • Office等办公软件使用熟练;
  • 其它要求
  • 有外企EHS从业经验优先

About Us

Kraft Heinz is a global food company with a delicious heritage. With iconic and emerging food and beverage brands around the world, we deliver the best taste, fun and quality to every meal table we touch. We’re on a mission to disrupt not only our own business, but the global food industry. A consumer obsession and unexpected partnerships fuel our progress as we drive innovation across every part of our company.

Around the world, our people are connected by a culture of ownership, agility and endless curiosity. We also believe in being good humans, who are working to improve our company, communities, and planet. We’re proud of where we’ve been – and even more thrilled about where we’re headed – as we nourish the world and lead the future of food.

Why Us

We grow our people to grow our business. We champion great people who bring ambition, curiosity, and high performance to the table as the guardians of our beloved and nostalgic brands. Good isn't good enough. We choose greatness every day by challenging the ordinary and making bold decisions. All while celebrating our wins - and our failures – as we work together to lead the future of food.

Challenging the status quo takes talent. We invest in your purpose and potential by developing skills and nurturing strengths that leave a legacy on our business and a lasting impact on your career. Because great people make great companies, and we’re growing something great here at Kraft Heinz.

Kraft Heinz is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Underrepresented Ethnic Minority Groups/Women/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity and other protected classes.