Being one of the world's leading food and beverage companies is a privilege – and a huge responsibility. Times and tastes may change, but the core purpose and values that shape who we are never will. They remind us, individually and as a team, why the work we do each day matters.

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We are a company of food lovers, and our brands hold a unique place in the hearts and homes of our consumers. We work every day to earn their loyalty and love. Our consumers are at the center of everything we do, and we are building a culture of creativity to anticipate and respond to their future needs, delivering appetizing food across our brands.

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We are on a journey of continuous improvement, constantly challenging the status quo. Our curiosity ensures we are constantly learning and working to be better than we were yesterday. Our commitment to efficiency enables us to courageously invest in our business and fuel growth.

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We are a meritocracy. Attracting, nurturing and developing talent is our top priority. Great people have the vision to see what must be done, and the courage to do it. As a company we are only as great as the quality of our teams. Our people make the difference.

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We are inclusive. All voices matter. We will not just listen, but truly work to heart different points of view. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives make us stronger, more interesting, more innovative.

value 5

We lead with honesty and integrity. We will always do right by our customers, partners, suppliers and the communities we serve. We actively care about our environment, creating high quality, responsibly manufactured products.

value 6

We are accountable. We act as owners each day, showing commitment and belief in our cause, making decisions and treating this business as if it were our own. We take responsibility for our actions and results in the pursuit of building something together far bigger than ourselves.


Estamos comprometidos en hacer la vida más deliciosa para nuestra gente, consumidores, y comunidades

Somos personas que buscan retos, que aman tomar decisiones gigantescas y que esperan que sus resultados sean reconocidos por meritocracia. Todos son bienvenidos a nuestra mesa, entendemos la diversidad como una de nuestras grandes fortalezas. Buscamos gente que disfrute de tener cercanía con líderes, gente que quiera no tenga miedo de tomar decisiones y que disfrute trabajar en equipo.

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We're brand historians and legacy builders

Tenemos un portafolio de marcas icónicas

Estamos orgullosos fabricar e importar marcas con relevancia nacional e internacionales principalmente Heinz: con todas sus variedades de Kétchup (Porque amamos la kétchup) mayonesa Heinz y papillas Heinz.

Reconocemos la excelencia en nuestra gente

Creemos en la meritocracia. Nuestra máxima prioridad es atraer, fortalecer y desarrollar nuestro talento. Crecimiento y aprendizaje son parte importante de nuestra cultura. Serás reconocido por tus méritos y logros.

Estamos comprometidos con la sostenibilidad

Desde el control de calidad de nuestros productos hasta las relaciones con los proveedores son importantes para nosotros. Creemos en prácticas responsables y sostenibles en todas las áreas del negocio.


Guadalajara is our headquarters in Mexico

Nuestro equipo está encargado de las ventas en todo el territorio. Juntos nuestros colaboradores trabajan en equipo para servir alimentos de calidad en la mesa de nuestros consumidores.


Not your ordinary training experience

International Management Trainee Program

12 months

This rotational program is a deep dive directly into our business. After learning the ins and outs of the CPG industry and Kraft Heinz, you'll start rotations that provide real-world experience in our corporate office and within one of our many field sales offices, plant facilities, or R&D centers. All of which sets you up for success once you start your full-time role with our company.

Global Manufacturing Trainee Program

12 months

Our Manufacturing Trainee Program is a departure from the ordinary training experience. We immerse talented and driven people in our business and fast-track them for big roles in our company. We offer trainee programs all over the globe as it serves as a critical talent pipeline for the organization.

Intern Program

10 weeks to 12 months

This immersive intern experience gives you the opportunity to learn by doing. You'll make a real-world impact throughout the course of your program, learn about the CPG industry and Kraft Heinz, and walk away with tangible experience and results.