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Making Life
In Belgium

Here at our office in Berchem, Antwerp, we’re focused on making life delicious for the people of Belgium.

Our teams are growing the future of our local gems like Kwatta, alongside iconic global products like Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

No matter the brand, we’re united under one vision: To sustainably grow by delighting more consumers globally.


Our Teams

Why join
this team?

Our digital team powers our business. Today. And tomorrow.

Tackle complex challenges

From AI to IoT, every day there’s something new shaping the future of food. We’re tackling change head on and embracing new innovations alongside industry experts. Continuous growth is what drives us.

Grow the future

We’re striving for a better, more sustainable business. Developing a service that impacts millions of families worldwide. Writing models that transform how consumers spend. Building solutions to revolutionize factory efficiency. If you can dream it, we’ll back it.

Get a taste for variety

Azure, Python, R, React, Flutter, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Figma, Sketch, and Tableau are just some of the data-driven investments we’ve made. We’re building our digital legacy — why not be part of it?

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Two women working on a laptop in an office.

Why join
this team?

To grow something great, we need to see the full picture. The finance and accounting teams make that possible.

Work closely with leadership

The work we do directly impacts business decisions — high pressure but high reward. You’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with leaders and influence the direction of our company.

At the heart of Kraft Heinz

Without finance, we can’t function? This team is key to our success in future, and in every day operations too.

Generate global insight

Who else can provide critical global information? Analyze data. Craft insight. Provide nuggets of gold when it’s needed most. That’s where we shine.

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Why join
this team?

We’re the people champions growing our teams, and our future.

Champion talent

We’re here to attract the best of the bunch, and help them feel at home. We make sure every Kraft Heinz journey is a fulfilling one. We’re the backstage crew. The culture cheerleaders. Providing the tools and support to help everyone grow.

Grow the company

We’re here to make sure our people aren’t just clocking in, but thriving. Our strategy? Connecting with our leadership to make sure everyone gets the coaching and feedback they need to steer their careers in the right direction.

Innovative learning

We’re all about fueling growth — it’s our secret recipe for success. We craft learning experiences that sharpen our peoples’ functional expertise and nurture leadership abilities. We craft personal and professional development journeys.

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Why join
this team?

We’re the tech engine powering the growth of Kraft Heinz.

Connect people globally

We’re the tech wizards behind our worldwide operation. Creating a digital workspace where global colleagues can connect seamlessly. We’re the brains backstage, allowing everyone to focus on growth.

Think beyond the ordinary

We’re a team of bold thinkers and doers who don’t shy away from a challenge. As pioneers in the ever-evolving tech realm, we’re committed to delivering solutions today that make tomorrow’s complexities a bit simpler.

Deliver real value

Thanks to us, our tech is in safe hands — so the business can sail smoothly on the sea of reliability. We’re driving our future transformation too, using our skills to generate insights on data and system interactions.

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Why join
this team?

We’re the backbone of Kraft Heinz, the people behind the products.

Work at scale

We’re creating great products, day and night. Keeping the gears turning, 24/7, all year long, to make sure everyone gets the nourishment they want. We’re driven by fresh challenges and aren’t afraid to get stuck in with down-to-earth decision-making.

Be consumer obsessed

Our main priority? Safety first. We do the right thing and look out for our team. Our food meets the highest standards. We craft hundreds of quality products by the minute, manage costs smartly, and ensure each customer gives us a smile of approval.

Drive efficiency

Our supply chain delivers quality products without breaking the bank. We’re efficiency aficionados, constantly on the lookout for ways to fine-tune our processes to bring customers the best value.

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Why join
this team?

We’re the reason — alongside their great taste — that people love our brands.

Grow our legacy

We’re brand guardians: elevating timeless classics to keep them front of mind, or dreaming up new consumer-driven innovations. From brand strategy, to packaging, to advertising campaigns we champion every product.

The voice of the consumer

We’re consumer obsessed. It’s one of our values, but it’s also the key to our job descriptions. We understand our audience and help create meaningful moments for them, to help our brands win in the marketplace.

Yours to own

The power of a global brand is at our fingertips. We give you the space to own it. To steer the ship of brand growth — from insight to operations. With the backing of a global organization, you’ll have a real impact from day one.

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Why join
this team?

Join the team that keeps the Kraft Heinz engine running.

Get a taste for variety

Our dynamic team touches every part of the business. From managing logistics to process improvement, the diverse nature of our work keeps things fresh and fun.

Solve complex problems

We’re responsible for optimizing processes, improving efficiency, and overcoming challenges across all Kraft Heinz teams. If you enjoy tackling real-world problems and finding practical solutions, this is the team for you!

Work in fast-paced teams

If you thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, you’re a great fit for us. Manage timelines, improve working conditions for all and adapt to changing circumstances.

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Two women working on a laptop in an office.

Why join
this team?

Innovation is what gets us up in the morning!

Limitless opportunities

We’re an innovative hub wearing many hats. From commercialization to product development, and everything in between. Whether you prefer management, or want to pursue a technical track — there’s a wealth of career opportunities here.

Make a difference

We’re committed to building a better world. Our team is set to make 100% of our packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025, and we’re increasing our use of recycled content while decreasing the overall packaging volumes.

Best in class tech

We’re diving into clean label technology, exploring alternatives, and teaming up with external partners to make better happen. Collaboration is key — we’re joining forces with packaging experts and organizations to find solutions that make sense.

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A woman in a lab coat holding a glass container.

Why join
this team?

We lead sales strategies of all sizes and channels across the world.

Build relationships

We’re connection experts — creating, nurturing, and strengthening relationships with our diverse range of retail partners. Our goal? Helping our iconic brands and products shine on the shelves, ready to be picked up by consumers worldwide.

Use data to fuel growth

We adapt and grow by incorporating new methodologies and insights, and keep updated on emerging trends. By combining data and technology, we work to achieve steady growth across all categories.

Delight customers daily

To really make life delicious, we need to be consumer obsessed. From our HQ expertise to our skilled sales reps in the field. We work alongside store owners and managers because we’re driven by the smiles that our products bring.

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Our Culture

We grow our people to grow our business. We invest in your purpose and potential, and reward your performance. We develop the skills and nurture the strengths necessary to leave a lasting impact on your career.

Because great people make great companies,

Early Careers
in Belgium

We offer one early careers program for candidates based in Belgium: our young talent program.

Are you a student with ambitions to grow your expertise in the world of food and beverage?

Get hands-on experience alongside other future leaders working across real projects and delivering tangible business results. With weekly learning and development as well as social events to build your network, you could be immersed in our Sales, Manufacturing or Corporate functions.

Depending on your passions and experience, you can work across retail, procurement, supply chain, finance and accounting, human resources, project management or IT.

At the end of your time with us, you’ll have the opportunity to present your projects back to Leadership, and maybe even return to a full-time job once you’ve completed your studies.

Applications for our 2024 program open in XXXX.

Explore this opportunity

A woman smiling while in conversation with a man
A woman smiling while in conversation with a man

Global brands,
local heroes

For 150 years, Kraft Heinz has produced some of the world’s most iconic and nostalgic global products. We manufacture and market products across the globe as one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies.

From our portfolio of over 200 brands worldwide, we’re championing the taste of our favorite products, celebrating the Kraft Heinz global flavors and bringing moments that matter to mealtimes everywhere.