Being one of the world's leading food and beverage companies is a privilege – and a huge responsibility. Times and tastes may change, but the core purpose and values that shape who we are never will. They remind us, individually and as a team, why the work we do each day matters.

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We are a company of food lovers, and our brands hold a unique place in the hearts and homes of our consumers. We work every day to earn their loyalty and love. Our consumers are at the center of everything we do, and we are building a culture of creativity to anticipate and respond to their future needs, delivering appetizing food across our brands.

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We are on a journey of continuous improvement, constantly challenging the status quo. Our curiosity ensures we are constantly learning and working to be better than we were yesterday. Our commitment to efficiency enables us to courageously invest in our business and fuel growth.

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We are a meritocracy. Attracting, nurturing and developing talent is our top priority. Great people have the vision to see what must be done, and the courage to do it. As a company we are only as great as the quality of our teams. Our people make the difference.

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We are inclusive. All voices matter. We will not just listen, but truly work to heart different points of view. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives make us stronger, more interesting, more innovative.

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We lead with honesty and integrity. We will always do right by our customers, partners, suppliers and the communities we serve. We actively care about our environment, creating high quality, responsibly manufactured products.

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We are accountable. We act as owners each day, showing commitment and belief in our cause, making decisions and treating this business as if it were our own. We take responsibility for our actions and results in the pursuit of building something together far bigger than ourselves.


We're a global family of food lovers, creative thinkers, and high performers

We're committed to making life delicious for our people, our consumers, and our communities worldwide. We have strong iconic brands that are loved by everyone and local brands with great potential. We are proud of our history, and excited by our future.

It is customary in the company to treat work as to its own business, to calculate opportunities and risks. Everyone has the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of their direct responsibilities and do more than their specific role suggests. Employees say that Kraft Heinz is a real school of life, where you can develop truly valuable qualities. First, it is stress resistance, the ability to cope with daily challenges and work at a fast pace. The company exists in a highly competitive environment, so the company cannot do without these skills.

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We're brand historians and legacy builders

We have a portfolio of beloved brands

We are proud to make the first-choice food that people love. Heinz ketchup is ranked the first in Russia. And not only Russia. The word ketchup is synonymous with Heinz in this country. We also have strong local brands such as ketchup Moya Semya and cereals Umnitsa.

We have passionate people

As one of largest food manufacturer in Russia, we are proud to employ more than 1200 people in our plants, sales offices, and distribution facilities across the country. Together, our employees fuel our passion for creating great-tasting food Russians love.

We're committed to sustainability

From our quality controls to the relationships we have with our growers and suppliers, we are committed to responsible, sustainable practices extending to every facet of our business.


Moscow is our headquarters in the Russian Federation

There are almost 200 employees at Kraft Heinz Moscow office. The atmosphere in the office is friendly and inclines to good and positive work. The office is located in a modern A-class business centre in Moscow Metropolitan Area and connected with the city of Moscow by shuttle bus.


Not your ordinary training experience

International Management Trainee Program

12 months

This program is a deep dive directly into our business. After learning the ins and outs of the CPG industry and Kraft Heinz, you’ll start placements that provide real-world experience in our corporate office and within one of our many field sales offices, plant facilities, or R&D centers. All of which sets you up for success once you start your full-time role with our company.

Global Manufacturing Trainee Program

12 months

Our Manufacturing Trainee Program is a departure from the ordinary training experience. We immerse talented and driven people in our business and fast-track them for big roles in our company. We offer trainee programs all over the globe as it serves as a critical talent pipeline for the organization.

Intern Program

6 months

This immersive intern experience gives you the opportunity to learn by doing. You'll make a real-world impact throughout the course of your program, learn about the CPG industry and Kraft Heinz, and walk away with tangible experience and results.